How to start with Open Science: A student’s guide

by Max Korbmacher If you want to listen along with Max as he reads through this blogpost, check out the audio file below: What is the Open Science movement? What has been done? Why do students need to learn about Open Science? And how to start? What has become known as the replication crisis –Continue reading “How to start with Open Science: A student’s guide”

Science versus Corona – An Interview

At the moment, the Coronavirus is impacting different elements of our lives: health, work, social contacts, etc. As the virus continues to impact our world, scientists from a variety of fields have taken up the cause to better understand the virus. This is not only in the fields of health, but psychology, epidemiology, sociology, andContinue reading “Science versus Corona – An Interview”

Science, Open Up! An Interdisciplinary Course

By: Myrthe Veenman In September, Iris and I started participating in the Create a Course Challenge at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The goal of this challenge is to create an interdisciplinary course that you think should be taught at the UvA. The winner of the challenge gets the chance to actually develop the course.Continue reading “Science, Open Up! An Interdisciplinary Course”

A Week of Open Science – The RT2

by Maike Dahrendorf Last month, BITSS – the Berkley Institute for Transparency in Social Sciences – held its annual Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training (RT2) in Washington D.C. To some surprise, I found myself among the forty-or-so participants walking into a meeting room on a Wednesday morning. Fueled with coffee and pastries, all of usContinue reading “A Week of Open Science – The RT2”

SIOS Panel Discussion: Open Science Put to Practice

How different areas in psychology implement Open Science By Sandra Geiger To celebrate our first SIOS semester and the end of the academic year, we organized a panel discussion on June 20th, 2019. In this panel discussion, we discussed how various psychological fields implement Open Science. We invited four guest speakers from various departments atContinue reading “SIOS Panel Discussion: Open Science Put to Practice”

Our Third Talk

6th June 2019 On June 6th we held our third lecture already. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers gave a great talk about the limitations of the p-value, and introduced us to Bayesian inference using JASP. Thank you for coming. We hope to see you at our last event of this semester!