A Feminist Psychological Perspective on Open Science – Lecture by Madeleine Pownall

We are excited to announce our new event with Madeleine Pownall. Join us on Friday, March 11, 15:00 – 16:00 CET on Zoom! Sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/SIOSMadeleine Read more about this event in the abstract below. Feminist early career researchers (ECRs) can make big contributions to the promotion and implementation of open and transparent researchContinue reading “A Feminist Psychological Perspective on Open Science – Lecture by Madeleine Pownall”

Introduction to Open Science – Lecture by Lea Schumacher

We are very excited to announce that we have invited one of SIOS’ founding members, Lea Schumacher, back to give our first lecture of the academic year. She will ease us into the vast world of open science – what it is, why it’s important for science, and why we students should also know aboutContinue reading “Introduction to Open Science – Lecture by Lea Schumacher”

SIOS Panel Discussion: Open Science Put to Practice

How different areas in psychology implement Open Science By Sandra Geiger To celebrate our first SIOS semester and the end of the academic year, we organized a panel discussion on June 20th, 2019. In this panel discussion, we discussed how various psychological fields implement Open Science. We invited four guest speakers from various departments atContinue reading “SIOS Panel Discussion: Open Science Put to Practice”

Our Third Talk

6th June 2019 On June 6th we held our third lecture already. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers gave a great talk about the limitations of the p-value, and introduced us to Bayesian inference using JASP. Thank you for coming. We hope to see you at our last event of this semester!

Our First Talk

20th March 2019 On March 18th we held our first lecture. Sophia Crüwell introduced everyone to Open Science. Around 50 Bachelor, Master, and PhD students attended. We are thrown away by the turnout and hope to see you all again at our second lecture. Stay tuned for more information!