SIOS Interviews: E. J. Wagenmakers on Current Research Practices

Hi there, Open Science fans! You might have wondered “What was the initial inspiration for creating SIOS?” Well, then here’s some exciting news! In a very special interview, we talked to Prof. dr. E.M. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, who added the “Good Research Practices” course to the Research Master’s in Psychology curriculum, and this is how itContinue reading “SIOS Interviews: E. J. Wagenmakers on Current Research Practices”

An Interview with the Journal of European Psychology Students

by Egenaz Kiraz “It is a journal run by students and for students.” The Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) is a peer-reviewed journal that has been publishing the articles written by psychology students and promoting open science since 2009. JEPS is a student-run, open-access journal that helps psychology students gain publishing experience and advance their careers. WeContinue reading “An Interview with the Journal of European Psychology Students”

Science versus Corona – An Interview

At the moment, the Coronavirus is impacting different elements of our lives: health, work, social contacts, etc. As the virus continues to impact our world, scientists from a variety of fields have taken up the cause to better understand the virus. This is not only in the fields of health, but psychology, epidemiology, sociology, andContinue reading “Science versus Corona – An Interview”