Join Our Team!

We are expanding our team and looking for students that are excited about Open Science. Maybe you are the person that would like to fulfill one of the following positions:

Lecture Team

We are looking for people to join our lecture team. Your tasks within the team would be coming up with ideas for lectures and organizing the lectures (e.g., rooms, speakers). This will take about three hours of your week.

Communication Team

This team is responsible for email communication, event promotion, and social media. We are looking for people that are excited about social media, and that are comfortable with using twitter and facebook. The tasks in this team will take about three hours of your week.

Fundraiser Team

At the moment we do not have funding. However, some budget would help us to grow, and to organize our events even better. If you are interested in helping us to get and organize funding, let us know!

If any of this sparked your interest, please send us an email to If you have other suggestions we are happy to hear from you as well!