The idea of forming a student initiative for Open Science rose from taking a course about good (and questionable) research practices. As we were learning about the many issues that are currently causing the replication crisis in psychological science, we also learned about all the exciting solutions and initiatives that are offered by the Open Science movement in the attempt to improve the current science practices. We thought that such knowledge should not only be given to Research Master students but need to be made more available to a wider population of students. We strongly believe that the awareness of questionable research practices and possible solutions to them are important to all students. This holds also true for students that will not work in research, as they will very likely conduct research during their time as a student (e.g. thesis) and their work practice should be always informed by reliable and valid research.

Therefore, we aim to widely promote information of issues that are currently impeding the validity of current research and offer advice in what to look out for in assessing the quality of research. Furthermore, we want to inform about how Open Science might be able to solve such issues and how students, themselves, can engage in Open Science practices. In this we want to strongly emphasize the students perspective and the applicability to their lives. We believe by promoting OS in students at the early stage of their career we might be able to improve research practices in science in the long-term.

We want to meet this aim by organizing lectures, debates, and workshops for students. In addition, we strive to implement open practices in university programs, as pre-registration of the thesis, and open access for students to all articles.