OS News

Our First Panel Discussion

20th June 2019

On June 20th, we organized our first panel discussion. Angelika Stefan, Sascha Duken, Suzanne Hoogeveen, and Adam Finneman told us about Open Science in their department. We could have discussed much longer. Thank you for coming to our last event of the semester. We hope to see you at our events next semester again!

Our Third Talk

6th June 2019

On June 6th we held our third lecture already. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers gave a great talk about the limitations of the p-value, and introduced us to Bayesian inference using JASP. Thank you for coming. We hope to see you at our last event of this semester!

Our Second Talk

17th April 2019

On April 17th we organized our second lecture. The room was packed (we needed to get extra chairs)! Alexandra Sarafoglou explained the difference between Confirmatory and Exploratory analysis, and gave students advice on how to apply Open Science practices in their own projects. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you at our next lecture. Stay tuned!

Our First Talk

20th March 2019

On March 18th we held our first lecture. Sophia Crüwell introduced everyone to Open Science. Around 50 Bachelor, Master, and PhD students attended. We are thrown away by the turnout and hope to see you all again at our second lecture. Stay tuned for more information!

The Launch of SIOS

4th March 2019

We are really excited to introduce you all to the Student Initiative for Open Science! The last months we have been sweating tears and blood to create this initiative. On March 18th we organize the first talk of our lecture series. For more information about us check this link.